Why you need BTL Services?

BTL Services when expanded below the line service is one of the best ways to reach audience and we at Alaknanda Advertising take your brand presence reach new heights in a more dynamic manner.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Creating identity for brands based on personality and products offered



Our team of experts guide you in providing the right direction towards Public exhibition of products and display of other activities in a very niche manner.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Want to take your products to a new level? We enable you to have better categorical listing of products that takes your product to the right people.

How our BTL Services are aligned towards your goal?

Our BTL services incorporate time-tested and best-in-class solution that lets you

Better product promotion through in-media strategies.

Fostering direct relationship with potential customer.

Specific targeting with sidebar advertisements.

How unique is our BTL Services?

We as a team value the following

Direct marketing strategies directed to specific target groups.

Focussed conversions that helps in building brand.

More impressions that enriches brand awareness.

Save Time and Money with our BTL Services

When you opt for our BTL service, we not only provide you with quality work but also ensure that you have,

Best in class solutions.

Expert team who address all your needs.

Better strategies that positions you in a vantage point.

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