Opthalmology Marketing

Among ophthalmologists, there is ongoing competition for a rapidly Changing patient demographics. We craft a customized ophthalmology marketing plan for your practice. We look at all facets of your practice and provide you with the solutions to enhance your visibility in the community and grow your patient base.


Multispeciality Marketing

When offering all branches of medicine and surgery at the same premises, it is important that the prospective patients are aware of all the services available at your hospital. We offer a comprehensive, patient-centric marketing strategy featuring your varied services that will help you take the lion’s share of the market.


Orthopaedic Marketing

Elevate your practice’s unique differentiators with Alaknanda Healthcare. Orthopedic marketing is unique and requires a distinct touch to reach the right patients. From joint replacements to specialty surgeries and other orthopedic treatments, we make sure to place your services in spotlight to draw in walk-ins.


Cardiology Marketing

It is a highly competitive field of healthcare and with the growing number of cardiology practices, it can be hard to stand out. Alaknanda Healthcare equips you with a highly skilled and experienced marketing team ensuring high conversion rate funnels and increased cardiology rankings that generate walk-ins.


Oncology Marketing

Every cancer diagnosis and treatment requires special care and an updated technology. So prospective patients are looking for oncologists who meet their specific needs. Our team of experts works with you to create a comprehensive, results-driven oncology marketing strategy, through extensive branding and localized search practice.


Dental Marketing

More than 95% Indians suffer from gum diseases. Our walk-in conversion strategy attracts people to your practice by improving your local digital footprint, increasing search visibility by initiating a small learning curve among people about automation in dentistry ensuring precise and faster treatment.


Dermatology Marketing

Dermatology industry is poised for continued evolution, innovation and growth. The need for sophisticated marketing and engagement tactics has become more imperative than ever. We make people aware of various treatments available like Mohs surgery, cosmetic dermatology and more highlighting various solutions in the dermatology landscape.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Marketing

Bariatric surgery marketing is a highly-challenging segment. Since most patients take at least a year to commit to bariatric surgery. Our marketing strategy equipped with superior targeting tools will help them progress from one step to the next by providing the needed bariatric patient education to keep them engaged, and following-up as.


Plastic surgery marketing

patients are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality and level of trustworthiness in this practice. Plastic surgery sector is saturated with campaigns. To beat competition you need to stay at the forefront of tomorrow’s marketing strategies. We successfully meet the dynamics required with a solid foundation that creates a compelling differentiation.


Mental Health marketing

Though there is more awareness about mental health, the age old stigma surrounding it is still far from gone. Thus overcoming that divide and consistently onboard new patients is a challenge. We know first-hand realities of this sector and cover all your marketing needs from running customized multiple mental health marketing campaigns, and other allied services.


Gynaecological Marketing

With growing diseases such as cervical cancer, fertility complications or irregular menstrual cycles the demand for gynecological treatments is increasing. When it comes to women’s health, patient listening, and empathy goes a long way. We help you win the trust of people by building positive and sensitive image, through PR and Online Reputation Management ensuring Walk-ins.