Who we are

Alaknanda Healthcare

We are forerunners in the field of advertising with over three decades of experience, catering healthcare, and diverse industries. Alaknanda healthcare recognizes that the healthcare sector is constantly in a state of flux, and possess several complexities. To bridge the gap between the healthcare experts and the people, we are transforming as a channel to bring effective communications into practice, which focuses on brand building and reaching a wider audience. We invest our experience and acumen, to enhance our client’s success. We are your one-stop solution to bounce walk-ins to your hospital.

With our seasoned team of experts, we strategize and build real ideas, giving an ideal user experience by adding value to the brands and increasing their market presence and share and help them stay relevant. We have an all India presence, operating in 27 different cities and 22 different languages giving you an all over India reach. Our team will explore, test, and leverage what has been working beyond the confines of healthcare, and incorporate advertising platforms, content, conversion tactics, and real-time reporting. We apply our industry specialization, which helps our clients thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our Vision & Mission


      Alaknanda Healthcare: A one-stop-solution to help healthcare providers to increase their market share, achieve higher growth, and gain quality reputation

Our Mission & Vision: is to be the most sought after healthcare branding promotion company, offering insights and strategies to enhance their current reach, and market share. We have envisioned to partner with healthcare providers to help them reach the newer pinnacle of success and accelerate their brand value, deep in the minds of people, through our distinct service and insight.    

What We Do

We partner with you to understand your business and enhance your brand by communicating effectively through multiple channels, to create a deep impact. We have a well-equipped team of industry experts, who are not only enthusiastic but also dedicated to bringing desired results through their relentless dedication. Our experts with an in-depth understanding of the healthcare space to ensure communicating the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time. Our unique tools and strategies can grow your profits, attract the patients, and build your reputation. Our team of medical marketing experts helps medical practitioners to position themselves in the appropriate digital and non-digital platforms to bring new patients through the door.



The main objective of Alaknanda Healthcare is to enhance the brand value of your organization, enabling a wider reach among the people, and elevate to be their trusted partner for enhancing and maintaining their health. We strongly believe our integrated Marketing communication tools, data analytics, robotic tools, in-house facilities and our three decades of Pan India experience will help you achieve your business goals. With our comprehensive promotion, we enhance the walk-ins and promote the sales of OTC (Over the Counter) Products. We are committed to making leverage growth and visibility through our dynamic marketing and our comprehensive elevated advertising campaign will elevate your practice or hospital system to the next level.


Why People Should Choose Your Hospital?

Quality, care, and uncompromised services are the bottom line of every healthcare organization. We work hand in hand with you, to partner to be the primary choice of healthcare among the people, with elevated trust, faith, and confidence. We help you to expand your demographics, serving people of diversified socio-economic backgrounds. We craft marketing strategies and ensure good positioning of your brand to gain greater visibility, which communicates your expertise, and the years of service and dedication, you put across the society to heal and cure the people. We focus on your relentless service and enable you as the prominent service provider among the people.


This is where we get to know you, your business, your competition, and your past marketing efforts and success ratio. We thoroughly analyze your strengths, and opportunities, and understand you comprehensively.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Post diagnosis, we come with a concrete plan of tailor-making strategies to give optimum results. We mix a variety of digital and non digital strategies, based on the psychographic and demographic data available about the target audience.

Market Launch

We manage all aspects of your marketing campaign, including digital marketing, non-digital marketing advertising, media buying, SEO, patient experience, and more. We also include a non-digital platform to give you an appropriate market mix.

Reporting &

We constantly measure your success, and our strategies, and give you a full-fledged report periodically. You can measure results via the 24-hour dashboard and continuously refine the marketing strategies to enhance comprehensive success.

Our team of healthcare marketing experts have spent months in developing unique, tested and proven marketing programs to grow your medical practice.